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Hey there,
I just wanted to give everyone a heads up. We will not be renewing our subscription to Enjin. We have moved to our new domain
As of tomorrow, our plan with Enjin will expire. Please visit our new website and register. Our forums went up last night and we are still working on them so please bare with me.
We also have a new mumble server. I have sent everyone a PM with all the new info but if you should have any questions, please email me at
Thank you all!!!!
Kyle118 is anyone having issues sigining into the new site? I cant sign in ive only ben able to do it one time ince we moved eve...

KoJo is moving

Seph posted Jun 29, 13
If you have not been informed yet, we are moving away from enjin. We will have our own domain to work with now. More info will follow as soon as we get it up and running. We still have not decided on what voice service we plan on using but we will try to keep everyone up to date on all the changes to come. Hope everyone enjoys the new site and you should here from us soon.
araymous I look forward to the new site
Kyle118 sounds good

More changes on the way.

Seph posted Feb 27, 13
I am taking our last meeting into consideration and trying to implement some of the changes. This will be a gradual process but bear with me. Feel free to post comments on whether you like or dislike any of the changes and I will address them accordingly.
Seph The calendar is still in the same place it has always been. You just have to click 1 more time now to get to the tsw cal...
Hinukan Coolness.
Deth hi i dont see a calendar of events .. maybe nothing is on today, Friday. ?